Rays of sunshine

2016-04-03 15_Fotor7

Last weekend we had the first rays of sunshine in Ostend city! I was so happy it’s almost summer again so I immediately took all my summer clothing out of their hiding place. And tadaa, this was my first summer(ish) look with my new printed maxi skirt from H&M.

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My birthdaylook

2016-02-19 12_Fotor5

Last friday I turned 24! I think I can stop having birthdays now. Just joking… I love birthdays, especially when I’m the birthdaygirl. What’s not to like about getting presents, eating cake and having a party with your friends & family?

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Shades of pink

2015-12-26 14_Fotor4

I already told you about my love for faux-fur coats in a previous post, but this time I chose to wear faux-fur as an accessory instead of as a key piece to my outfit. This faux-fur patchwork scarf is a great (and warm) eyecatcher piece if you ask me and thus the perfect Christmas present from B.

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New Year’s Eve

2015-12-31 18.36.53

2015 is over already… For us, it certainly was a great year full of happy & proud memories. We both graduated, started to work and launched our blog together! We couldn’t be happier about it all. But the end of 2015 means the start of a new year, which will also be exciting and full of surprises, that’s for sure!

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Two ways to wear faux-fur


Faux-fur is an ideal way to keep warm and still look fashionable during winter. You can choose to dress it up or keep it casual depending on how you feel or where you’re going. We both decided to wear faux-fur on a  chilly winter day but both in a very different way.

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