Adèle & Romy

Welcome to TWODAZE!

A blog about two friends sharing today’s fashion inspiraton and happy lifestyle.

We’re two Belgian bloggers in our twenties living in Ostend at the Belgian coast. Recently graduated and sharing a passion for fashion, we decided to start this special project.

Hi, I’m Adèle and I graduated in Public Administration in the city of Ghent where I discovered different trends and styles. This influenced my personal taste, which I want to share with the world. I likes to mix it up but casual-chique with a touch of sophistication are key to most of my looks.

Hi, I’m Romy and I studied Communication Sciences at the University of Ghent where I started to dream about my own blog. This platform is the ideal way to mix my academic and personal interests. Being open to all kinds of styles, my signature look is mostly rock-chique, simplicity and lots of black!!

XO Adèle & Romy

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